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The Medicare Status Quo Can’t Last

Common-sense market-based reforms can keep the program solvent and improve care for seniors.

February 12 , 2023

President Biden’s back-and-forth with Republicans over entitlements during his State of the Union address was pure political theater. All politicians say they stand with seniors, but any politician who stands by the failing status quo, refusing to make changes to Medicare and Medicaid, is standing on a house of cards. A lack of action will cause these important programs to collapse.

The current rate of growth in Medicare and Medicaid is unsustainable and jeopardizes the country’s ability to fund other priorities such as education, infrastructure and public safety. While the Medicare board of trustees has warned that the program is headed for insolvency in as little as six years, Medicaid has become the largest budget item in most states. Medicare and Medicaid collectively are one of the largest contributors to the national debt and will be the largest federal budget item by 2030, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

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